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About C.A. Shaw ...

Cheryl Ann's grandfather,  Harry Shaw started in the insurance business in 1944.  From  a little one room building on Young street in Gainsborough, he sold  general insurance for Portage Mutual Insurance and also hail insurance. In 1950 Cheryl Ann's  father, James H. Shaw took over and on March 17, 1950, he was awarded an agency appointment with Portage Mutual Insurance. He later got a contract with L.E. Yingst Insurance and sold general insurance as well as  hail insurance for a few companies. While Cheryl Ann's Dad was busy in the road building business, her mother Eloise Shaw took over looking after the  policies.  In the early years you did not have to go to school to be a insurance agent, so Eloise was  given a licence when she took over the business.  It was not long after that that she had to go to seminars and keep up her hours in order to keep her licence. It was in 1989 that she was wanting out of that so that is when Cheryl Ann decided to become a broker. In October of 1989 Cheryl Ann went to Saskatoon and took fundamentals of insurance . She was licenced on Jan. 1, 1990. Bob Thompson built her office in the building they own on main street in Gainsborough and she went to work building the brokerage. The companies she dealt with at that time were Portage Mutual & L.E. Yingst Co., Henderson Hail Ins, Co-op Hail and Wray.

L. E. Yingst Co. which is now Wynward Insurance Group was and is to this day the company that sponsors Cheryl Ann. However it is still the same great people that have been with Cheryl Ann all the way.

Cheryl Ann started an office in Carnduff in 1993 just two days a week and has been full time there since 2006  Travel Services were added  in 1994 and investments in 1995, representing many different companies. 


The C.A.Shaw Insurance Broker Team Consists Of:


Cheryl Ann Shaw:  Owner, Insurance Broker, Notary Public, Marriage License Issuer

Amanda Kirby: Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB) Designation, Notary Public, Marriage License Issuer

Sharon Hamilton: Level 1 Insurance Broker, TPI Travel Consultant 

 Robert Shaw : Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB) Designation


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